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If You Suffer From Chronic Viral Infections Such as ME or CFS, We May Be Able to Help You

Will It Work For Me?

Since the beginning (2007), the Kaizen Clinic has established a reputation of being honest and open about the likelihood of success and of delivering on it's promises, 

The reality is that there is no "quick fix" or "miracle cure" waiting for people suffering from chronic viral infections and the sad fact is that treatment takes a lot longer than for any other condition brought by patients to the Kaizen Clinic.


The reason for this is two fold.


Firstly, most patients with chronic viral infections have been suffering with their condition for a long time before they come to us and, as a result they have picked up significantly more infections (that need to be eliminated) because their immune system is completely compromised and they have no defenses. As a result they pick up every flu bug, every tummy bug and any other opportunistic bug .that happens to be around at the time.


This is also why people suffering from chronic viral infections also struggle with digestive and urinary disorders.

What We Can Promise


You will have seen that we offer a full refund promise with our other treatment programmes. However,it is with regret, because we know that signs of improvement generally manifest more slowly when treating Chronic Viral Conditions such as ME and CFS, we cannot offer the same 3 month refund promise in the case these conditions.

Having said all that, our record of success over the last 10 years shows that this treatment programme does work. And we expect  to see significant improvement and relief for all our patients from this debilitating condition - albeit more slowly than we would expect with the other conditions we treat.

So, What Are The Causes of Chronic Viral Infections?


Founder and Senior Practitioner Greg Wimbourne explains;

“We know that the majority of people suffering from these conditions are ill because of pathogenic infections.


In the case of chronic viral infections they are almost always suffering from the combined effects of viruses, blood disorders (brought on by mosquito and other tick-borne infections) and more recently the impact of remnant vaccinations which have over-powered the ability of their immune system to deal with them. And, as a result, over time has led them to where they are now...suffering from chronic fatigue, M.E. and other immune compromising conditions..

How Does The Kaizen Treatment Work?

The treatment for these pathogen-induced disorders (and, in fact for all chronic conditions) is based on the principles of "Pathogenics".[see "Pathogenics - How it Works"]

This is a real treatment, based on one single, simple principle – eliminating the root causes of your condition - In this case of chronic viral infections  a combination of viral, tick-borne infections and remnant vaccinations .

There are two simple steps to regaining your health:

Step 1 – Your Consultation & Testing (about 2 hours): We begin by tracking down and then confirming what is actually causing your symptoms. (These causes are usually found to be a combination of bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and parasites).

Step 2 – Your Treatment: We then eradicate these pathogens using very much the same principles that are used in immunology.[see "Pathogenics - How it Works"]

Get these two steps right and logically you will get better…

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