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If You Suffer From Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Any Other Chronic Digestive Disorders We May Be Able to Help You

We believe that it is possible to significantly reduce and even completely resolve the debilitating impact of your IBS, IBS-C and IBS-D and other chronic digestive conditions.

So, What Are The Causes of IBS?


Founder and Senior Practitioner Greg Wimbourne explains;

“We know that the majority of people suffering from these conditions are ill because of pathogenic infections.


In other words, they are suffering from the effects of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal infections in their gut which have over-powered the ability of their immune system to deal with them. And, as a result, over time has led them to where they are now...suffering from chronic digestive disorders.

How Does The Kaizen Treatment Work?

The treatment for IBS and pathogen-induced digestive disorders (in fact for all chronic conditions) is based on the principles of "Pathogenics".[see "Pathogenics - How it Works"]

This is a real treatment, based on one single, simple principle – eliminating the root causes of your condition - In this case of digestive disorders  a combination of bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections.

There are two simple steps to regaining your health:

Step 1 – Your Consultation & Testing (about 2 hours): We begin by tracking down and then confirming what is actually causing your symptoms. (These causes are usually found to be a combination of bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and parasites).

Step 2 – Your Treatment: We then eradicate these pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungal infections etc), using very much the same principles that are used in immunology.

Get these two steps right and logically you will get better…

Will It Work For Me?

The IBS Treatment Programme™ has been running since 2007 with great success.

Some patients can complete their treatment in as little as three months while others may take longer depending upon how long they have been dealing with their condition and how many different infections are involved.

We understand that each individual is different and that the treatment programme may not work as well for one sufferer as it might for another. However, we do expect significant improvement and relief for all our patients from this debilitating condition which, for many, they have had for years.

That is why we are happy to protect you from any financial risk, promising you a full refund of your treatment fees if you feel we have not helped you.[see: Kaizen Refund Promise]

Once the actual pathogens, that are at the root of all your irritable bowel symptoms, have been removed, they can no longer give you the symptoms (as they are no longer there) and your digestive system begins to recover and heal itself naturally.

The end result is a guaranteed return to full digestive health with no more fears of uncontrollable diarrhoea; no more worries about getting to the toilet in time; no more fears of embarrassing yourself in public; and an end to bloating, gas, reflux, constipation, indigestion, wind, chronic intestinal pain and all the other debilitating symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Take that first step call now…while it’s on your mind.

Call the Kaizen Clinic on: 01234 589848

Or you can email us at

Remember, with our Refund Policy,
we take all of the risks so you have nothing to lose.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

We promise, that if, in your view, the Kaizen Clinic has not been able to significantly improve your condition within
3 treatments, we will refund your treatment costs in full
Please note that the “Refund Offer” covers the first three treatments and
follow-up appointments but does not include your initial consultation.
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